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Vicinity’s mission: industry wide transparency

We firmly believe that every advertiser should be able to say #IBuyVerified, knowing that what they’re promised by location providers is what’s delivered. In fact, we feel so strongly about kick-starting industry wide transparency on location campaigns, that we’re putting our money behind it...


Vicinity Media will pay for 3rd party verification on any digital location buy (whether it’s our campaign or not).

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Too many claims taken at face value

When a location provider says a digital location campaign is being accurately served in a geofence, all you can do is take their word for it, right? 


Wrong! You can – and must – ask to see 3rd party verification to ensure your campaign’s location data is as accurate as you’re told it is. 


When location data isn’t accurate, you're targeting the wrong audience. Simple as that. This dilutes your message, and wastes your budget.

​Independently verified: Vicinity delivers on its promises

Vicinity Media is SA’s only independently verified location provider with a 100% accuracy rating from Location Sciences. 


We use exclusive 1st Party Location Data sourced from the end user through our direct integrations with publishers. It’s the quality of this data that allows us to set laser-focused geofences that target users right down to their street-level address. This is how we create hyper-relevancy for brands: ensuring you’re always serving your message to exactly the right people at the right time, meaning your marketing delivers true ROI.

Let us show you what an independently verified location provider can do for you! 

Put your location-based campaign forward to be independently verified and stand a chance to win a campaign valued at 50k, executed by Vicinity Media. Whether you're a Vicinity Media client or not (yet).

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To take us up on our verification payment offer, get in touch using the form below:

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